Below is a list of present teachers and staff at the school.

Principal Mr. Conor Power
Vice Principal Mr. Gary Morahan
Irish Ms. Laura Mulcahy, Ms. Finola Cummins
English Ms. Kathy Cronin, Ms. Sheila O’Dowd
Maths Mr John Luttrell, Ms Susan Power, Ms Martina Kavanagh, Ms Sara Bateman
Science / Biology / Chemistry Ms Susan Power, Ms Sara Bateman
French Ms Sheila O’Dowd, Ms Kathy Cronin
Geography Mr Gary Morahan, Ms Finola Cummins
History Mr Jason Dermody, Mr Gary Morahan, Mr Conor Power
Bus. Studies / Business Ms Aisling Gannon
Home Economics Ms Richa 
Art Mr Ken Grant
Technical Graphics Mr Martin Gordon, Mr John Luttrell
Woodwork / Building Construction Mr Martin Gordon
Metalwork / Engineering Mr John Luttrell
Physical Education Mr Jason Dermody, Ms Laura Mulcahy Ms Aisling Gannon
Career Guidance Ms Sara Bateman
Information Technology Mr Jason Dermody
Religion Mr Jason Dermody
Special Needs and Special Needs Assistants Mr Ken Grant
C.S.P.E. Mr Conor Power, Mr Jason Dermody
S.P.H.E. Mr Ken Grant
Caretaker Mr John Foley
School Secretaries Ms Maureen Conneely
Cleaning Staff Ms Anita Dunne


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