1st Year History Trip

1st Years from CCS visited Ferrycarraig Heritage where they learned about the Mesolithic to the Viking periods. We then went onto Enniscorthy where we visited the 1798 Rebellion Centre. The Museum had brilliant audio visual presentations and terrific guide. We then walked to Enniscorthy Castle where we had quick talk on the history of the castle and visited the top of the Castle where there is terrific views of Enniscorthy and nearby Vinegar Hill. Great day was had by all.

6th Year Ecology Trip

Leaving Certificate Ecology:
Students investigated a study site examining organisms including woodland invertebrates, small mammals and general flora and fauna. A range of sampling techniques and equipment are used (e.g. square and point quadrats, line transect, pooter, mammal trap, classification keys etc.).

The physical and behavioural adaptations of the ecosystem were explored along with the effect of biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors on plant growth along with briefly considering the impact of invasive species. A variety of environmental factors were recorded (light, temperature, relative humidity, soil pH, slope angle) to aid further analysis and understanding. An ecology work booklet was provided for each student to record observations and notes to take back to the classroom for further analysis.

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Sponsored Run 2018 Results

Darragh Buckley 21.56  Top 30 finishers
Conor Lyons 23.33  
Jack Ryan 23.33  
Ryan Carroll 26.37  
Matthew Fitzpatrick 27.15  
Arron Cooke 28.12  
Jamie Dodd 28.55  
Nicole Cooke 30.39  
Matthew Tribersiz 30.56  
James Holden 31.17  
Gary Gao 32.3  
Alex Bailey 32.33  
Jack Drennan 32.42  
Adam Jordan 33.15  
Fionn Walsh 33.42  
Mark Tolan 33.5  
Andrew Holden 34.31  
Ben Gunnip 34.36  
Nathan Brennan 35.06  
Nathan Harty 36.59  
Sean Sheridan 37.12  
Adam Conway 37.15  
Thomas Phlean 37.35  
David Moriarty 37.4  
Michael Ryan 37.44  
Nathan Long 37.44  
Jade Foley 38.05  
Darragh Byrne 38.23  
Nadine Harty 39.13  
Mark Triberzis 39.23  
Eve Connolly 39.52  

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